Simple Tips to Choosing a Tax Attorney


Tax attorneys often bring a level of expertise to the table that many accountants and other differently specialized lawyers cannot depending on the situation. There are different kinds of scenarios where tax attorney’s expertise can be highly beneficial including when facing criminal charges on tax evasion, facing an IRS audit, and when entering into international foreign investments. Whatever the kind of tax problem you are having, it is important to ensure that the tax attorney in Virginia that you choose is suited to the task at hand.

  • Get a suitable referral

Tax attorneys, while very much in demand, may not be as common as you would think. Many entering the law profession will go for more glamorous options despite how lucrative the specialization can be. Because of their scarcity, many will need help in trying to track down a tax lawyer. A good place to start would be among friends and family. Focus on those who may have experienced the same circumstances you are in now that are prompting you to seek out the lawyer. If you fail to find a suitable candidate, go online and check with the local bar association. Accountancy associations can also be useful as some lawyers are certified accountants.

  • Look into experience

Besides seeking the right qualifications, you also need to have a lawyer who is familiar with the kind of situation you are in. if you are facing criminal proceedings, you may find that a tax lawyer only adept at assisting businesses plan for tax treatment under qualified to help you. They should have practical experience in dealing with your particular type of challenge. This will ensure better representation and knowledge of the particular laws involved.

  • Confirm qualifications

There are certain qualifications you should seek in the lawyer you are to hire. They should not only have passed the bar exam, they should also have a masters degree specializing in taxation. If your matter touches upon accounts, then one with a certification in accountancy can come in handy, but is not absolutely necessary. Many tax lawyers have duly qualified accountants on their staff to help in evaluating cases.

  • Seek transparency

The lawyer should be able to give you realistic expectations of what is to come based on their own experience with such cases. This way you can be better prepared when you eventually go into the business, complete the audit, or the case is decided. They should also give you a proper estimate as to how much you can expect to pay in legal fees.

  • Let them educate you

The best tax lawyer will not only help you to win your case or audit, but also educate you on how to avoid similar problems in future. They may even identify benefits you have not taken advantage of that will reduce your burden.

With the right kind of legal representation, you have better chances of ensuring your legal matters are well taken care of. Just as when seeking any other professional service, you will benefit from not only their expertise in an area you are not as knowledgeable, but also greater peace of mind. 

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Hiring a Good Tax Attorney in Virginia for Your Company


In Virginia and any other place in the world, the need for a good tax attorney is very significant. This is simply because with a good attorney, the company will be well represented in case of any tax issues. According to the American laws all companies should pay tax to ensure that the country is well run. Therefore, this article explains a number of steps that you should always follow when hiring a good tax attorney in Virginia.

Create a good work description and Terms of Reference

The first thing that you should always do even when the hiring process has not been begun is to create the terms of reference. These TORs should be in line with the job opening that you want to advertise. Therefore, you should conduct a thorough review of the job description considering the current company role. This should be done by the human resource of the company in consultation with the company’s top management and the board of directors.

Advertise the job well

The next thing that you should do is to advertise the job well. This means that you should use all forms of media available to you to advertise this task. This will be very good in ensuring that you have a good and competitive application and hiring process. Though it is expensive, research has shown that it is actually a very easy process to do. Therefore, you should advertise the job well.


After advertising, you should now shortlist the candidates very well. This means that the HR department should go through all the applications and select the best one. This is a very important thing to do as you select the best candidate.

After shortlisting, you should start the interviewing process which should be thorough.

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